16th May 2017 BSBMT Scientific Day

Presentations with permissions now available to view/download

Session 1: Targeted Conditioning for Stem Cell Transplant
– Development of antibody based conditioning agents for transplant: towards more targeted therapy? – Dr Agnieszka Czechowicz, Stanford University, USA
– Clinical application of radiolabelled antibodies as conditioning agents – Dr Kim Orchard, University Hospital Southampton

Session 2: The John Goldman Abstract Prize Competition
– Redirection of therapeutic T cells to a bone marrow memory niche improves their persistence and function – Dr Anjum Khan, UCL Cancer Institute
– Mixed chimerism following haemopoietic stem cell transplantation is maintained by peripheral tolerance mediated by host and donor regulatory T cells – Dr Francesca Kinsella, University of Birmingham
– Number of CD56dim NK cells in the graft has a major impact on risk of disease relapse following allo-HSCT – Dr Luke Maggs, University of Birmingham
– Successful outcome following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in adult patients with inherited primary immunodeficiency – Professor Emma Morris, University College London
– Prolonged persistence of therapeutic T cells after therapy with a novel CD19CAR in paediatric ALL patients: preliminary results from the CARPALL study (NCT02443831) – Dr Sara Ghorashian, University College London
– Donor Lymphocyte infusion after T-cell depleted reduced intensity conditioning haematopoietic stem cell transplant is safe and has significant clinical activity – Dr Sandeep Nagra, University Hospitals Birmingham

Congratulations to Dr Francesca Kinsella and Sara Ghorashian for winning the Abstract Prizes.

Session 3 – BSBMT Open Meeting

Session 4 – BSBMT-CTC IMPACT: Prospective UK BMT Trials
– BSBMT CTC prospective studies – Dr Andy Peniket, Oxford University Hospitals
– A Phase I study of BK-virus-specific T-cells in treatment of haemorrhagic cystitis after haematopoietic cell transplantation – Dr Eduardo Olavarria, Imperial College Healthcare
IMPACTProfessor David Marks, University Hospitals Bristol
Multi-centre randomized controlled study comparing fludarabine, melphalan and campath vs cyclosphosphamide (120mg/kg) plus 8 Gy of TBI as conditioning for reduced intensity allografts for patients >40 years with ALL in CR1Professor David Marks, University Hospitals Bristol
FIGARO2Professor Charles Craddock, University Hospitals Birmingham
– A phase II prospective trial of prophylactic donor lymphocyte infusions for the prevention of relapse post HSCT in patients with high risk myeloid malignancy – Dr Victoria Potter, King’s College Hospital
– Developing future lymphoma transplant studies – Dr Ram Malladi, University Hospitals Birmingham