21st May 2014 BSBMT Scientific Day & Open Meeting

Presentations now available with permissions. More to follow..

Session 1: Transplant for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

- The role of transplant for Ph+ve ALL in the era of TKI’s - Dr Dell Fielding, Royal Free Hospital

- The significance of MRD pre/post-transplant in ALL - a paediatric perspective - Dr Adriana Balduzzi, San Gerardo Hospital, Italy

- Antibody based therapy for ALL - Dr Johannes Dull, University of Wurzburg, Germany

- CD19CAR T-cell therapy for ALL - Professor Stephan Grupp, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

Session 2: BSBMT Open Meeting

President’s Report - Prof Gordon Cook
CTC Report - Prof Gordon Cook on behalf of Dr Bronwen Shaw
Treasurer’s Report - Dr Fiona Dignan
Data Registry Report - Mrs Keiren Kirkland

Session 3:The John Goldman Abstract Prize

- Cytomegalovirus promotes expansion of pre-exisitng T cell immunity following allogeneic transplantation significantly modulating chimerism status - Dr Rob Seller, University College London

- Immunotherapy with CD19CAR EBV CTLs after stem cell transplant in children with high-risk ALL: initial results of the CD19TPALL Study - Dr Juliana Silva, GOSH

- Phenotypic and functional charterisation of alloantigen-specif regulatory T cells expanded after in vitro anergisation with co-stimulatory molecule blockade - Dr Eleni Kotsiou, Barts Cancer Institute

- Silencing the glucocorticoid receptor gene in virus-specific T cells - Dr Laurie Menger, UCL Cancer Institute

- A systems immunology approach to graft-versus-host disease - Dr Pedro Santos-Sousa, University College London Abstract Prize Winner!

- Development of anti-human c-Kit antibodies as conditioning agents for stem cell transplant - Dr Jenny Yeung, UCL Institute of Child Health

Session 4

- Cellular immunotherapy for CMV - chasing the rainbow? - Dr Karl Peggs, UCL Cancer Institute