23rd May 2013 BSBMT Spring Meeting & Open Meeting

Presentations now available with permissions. More to follow..

Session 1: BSBMT Abstract Prize Competition

- Over-expression of CXCR4 targets donor T cells to tumor niches and enhances graft-versus-lymphoma - Dr Ben Carpenter, Institute of Cancer Studies

High engraftment rates following second allogeneic transplants for graft failure result in good outcomes - Dr Robert Lown, Anthony Nolan

Experience of FLT3 inhibitors in relapsed AML post allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation - Dr Harpreet Kaur, Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Engine tuning in T cells: a strategy to improve cancer immunotherapy - Dr Mathias Zech, UCL Medical School

The impact of thymoglobulin prior to pediatric unrelated umbilical cord blood transplantation on immune-reconstitution and clinical outcome - Dr Robert Chiesa, GOSH

State-of-the-art: Update on cord transplanation - Prof Vanderson Rocha, University of Oxford

Session 2: BMT for Non-Malignant Disorders in Adults

- Autoimmune disease - Dr John Snowden, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
Aplastic Anaemia - Prof Judith Marsh, King’s College London

Session 3: BSBMT Open Meeting

President’s Report - Dr Charles Crawley on behalf of Prof Gordon Cook
CTC Report - Dr Andy Peniket
Treasurer’s Report - Dr Charles Crawley
Data Registry Report - Mrs Keiren Kirkland

State-of-the-art: Low dose IL-2 in chronic GVHD - Prof Jerome Ritz, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston, USA

Session 4: BMT for Non-Malignant Disorders in Paediatric Practice

- Metabolic disorder - Dr Jaap Boelens, University Medical Center, Utrecht
Primary immunodeficiencies - Dr Paul Veys, GOSH
- Haemoglobinopathies - Dr Josu de la Fuente, Imperial College London