2nd November 2016 BSBMT Education Day

Presentations now available with permissions. More to follow..

Session 1

- Introduction: classifying and staging GVHD - Dr Rafael Duarte, Puerto De Hierro Hospital, Madrid

- Modern management of acute and chronic skin GVHD - Dr Rubeta Matin, Oxford University Hospitals

- Mesenchymal stem cells in GVHD - Prof Katrina Le Blanc, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

- ECP in GVHD - Dr Peter Taylor, The Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust

- New agents in chronic GVHD; myth or fiction- Dr Paul Martin, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre Seattle, USA

Session 2: BSBMT Open Meeting

President’s Report - Dr Charles Crawley
CTC Report - Andy Peniket
Treasurer’s Report - Dr Fiona Dignan
Data Registry Report - Mrs Julia Perry
JACIE Report - Dr Kim Orchard

Session 3

- Symptom control and supportive care in BMT- Prof Sam Ahmedzai, University of Sheffied

- HSCT as a cause of and therapy for neurological diseases - Prof John Snowden, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

- HSCT in management of primary CNS lymphoma - Dr Stephen Robinson, University Hospitals Bristol

Session 4: BSBMT Clinical Trials update

- UK Haplo studies - Dr Kavita Raj, King’s College Hospital

- AZTEC: Azacitidine and cGVHD- Dr Ram Malladi, University Hospitals Birmingham

- Trials for multiple sclerosis- Prof John Snowden, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

- The CTC, IMPACT and future UK transplant studies- Dr Andy Peniket, Oxford University Hospitals