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Clinical Trials Committee Report, April 2012

In March the CTC had their 35th meeting. This was Gordon Cook’s last meeting as a position holder, after a very successful and productive period first as the secretary and then the chair. Numerous studies were completed and published under his guidance. In addition to this he instigated a number of worthwhile bench-marking projects, an internal audit of turn around times for studies and helped to generate several useful documents, such as the retrospective study SOP and the authorship policy.

Gordon welcomed the current secretary, Bronwen Shaw, into the role of chair. She thanked him on behalf of the whole group for all of his efforts and leadership over the years. Andy Peniket was welcomed as the new secretary. The term for these position holders will be 3 years, with progression of the secretary into the chairman’s position.

The main aim of the CTC, remains the timely completion and publication of well conducted studies, with clearly stated hypotheses, to inform and direct clinical BMT practice in the UK.

Another important aim of the CTC is to help to improve the quality of the clinical data available on ProMISe so that more patients identified as eligible for studies can be included in them. Keiren Kirkland leads on this, on behalf of the BSBMT. In a further attempt to improve data, we are currently adding the patient outcome data from the existing Anthony Nolan clinical database onto the ProMISe database. This is a time consuming job, however, once complete is likely to improve the proportion of data available for unrelated donor studies.

We are also focused on improving the quality of the genetic data on ProMISe. Three current study proposals aim to address this directly. Anthony Nolan, in a CTC study led by Steve March and Jennifer Schellekens, is performing a retrospective analysis of the impact of KIR on the outcomes of unrelated donor transplants in AML. Researchers from Birmingham (led by David Briggs) have proposed a similar study including approximately 1500 recipients of related donor transplants. A third study led by Bronwen Shaw proposes to investigate the impact of high resolution HLA matching in 1500 unrelated donor recipients.

We hope that through studies and data collection efforts such as these we will develop a database that is robust in terms of both clinical and genetic data.

The CTC is also interested in attempting to return to more regular meetings (at least 3 meetings a year), some of which will be held in conjunction with other national society meetings. We hope this is one way to keep enthusiasm levels high and to move studies on in a timely manner.

Finally, we would like to invite all who are interested in transplant, whether established or just starting out, to come to the CTC meetings. This is a venue for lively discussion, generations of ideas and, not least, a chance to catch up with your peers from around the country.

Bronwen Shaw

CTC Chair


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